Enhanced Pregnancy Care - Realising the Benefits of Digitalisation in Pregnancy Care

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Pregnancy grants a unique opportunity to optimise health outcomes for both mother and baby. Antenatal care affords the ability to improve health literacy, education for healthy pregnancies and lifestyles, as well as directed care to optimise health outcomes for both mother and child. The process of delivering antenatal care has changed little since the 1920's, while the scope and complexity of risk prediction needed has increase. This proposal seeks to use digital health technologies to enhance pregnancy care further to achieve improved outcomes through more personalised care. This will be achieved in an iterative process of partnering with consumers to assist with priority setting, implementing evidence-based digital health approaches for improving risk prediction, risk factor modification and enhanced pregnancy care utilising patient reported metrics to improve the health of pregnancy women and assessing the effectiveness of interventions on pregnancy outcomes, healthcare utilisation and consumer satisfaction.
Short titleEnhanced Pregnancy Care
StatusNot started


  • pregnancy outcome
  • risk prediction
  • cost-effectiveness
  • consumer participation
  • clinical effectiveness