Enhanced Novel Exercise and Relaxation Gains in Survivors for health Efficacy

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The experience of stroke can have a negative impact on psychological, physical health and overall quality of life. Behavioural therapies using exercise and mindfulness interventions may be one way of addressing these problems. Because mindfulness-based programs need to be done more than once a week providing home-based resources and SMS reminders may maximise participation and benefit.

The aim of this project is to develop and test program and motivational support tools for a future large clinical trial to improve quality of life for survivors of stroke. Since use of tools by the elderly is more successful if delivered using already familiar tools we seek to develop several options: participant workbook (hardcopy and electronic); a website to enable access to the home-based yoga program that can retailor for different devices (e.g. iPADS); a DVD and CD; and an SMS reminder system. Funding to support the creation and testing of these tools is needed to be able to progress this work and provide feasibility for a high quality study of the benefits of yoga in survivors of stroke.

Outcome of funding: The proposed tools that will be developed will be used in a future large scale, randomised clinical trial submitted to the NHMRC for funding.

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  • yoga
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