Endocardial sprouting and mechano-signalling in heart trabeculation

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The overarching aim of this grant is to understand how the ventricles – the pumping chambers of the mammalian heart – form during embryonic life. Critical is the elaboration of trabeculae, myocardial projections that form a sponge-like layer on the inner surface of the chamber wall and which play vital roles in contraction, oxygen and nutrient exchange, conduction and septation. We have developed a new model of trabeculation that integrates cellular and molecular behaviours, and the dynamic flux of extracellular proteins. Our aims are to develop a deeper understanding of trabeculation using high resolution, single cell methodologies, and to investigate how biomechanical forces from contraction or blood flow influence chambers formation.
Effective start/end date21/05/1920/05/22


  • Cardiovascular
  • ventricles
  • cardiac biology
  • congenital heart disease