Embedding Core Functions of Family Focused interventions into practice

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    The project will deliver two key documents for objective one and two tools for objective two.
    1. Understand the core functions within Family focused evidence-based interventions
    a. Identify core functions that are understood as critical to the outcomes in Family Focused interventions (including what is delivered and how its delivered).
    b. Articulate the theoretical underpinnings of the core functions using theoretical domains of family resilience (Walsh, 2016) and adult capability building (Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, 2016; Goodyear et al., 2022).
    2. Develop tools to support these core components to be faithfully embedded in practice.
    a. Develop a fidelity guide to support use of core functions (check are you doing these things) for implementers, researcher and practitioners
    b. Develop a guide to adaptation for those in practice settings to support the fit to their context while upholding fidelity.
    Short titleEmerging Minds FFP 2023
    Effective start/end date7/11/2230/04/24


    • family focused practice
    • workforce development
    • implementation science