EdTech Innovation: Improving efficacy through research and industry partnerships

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This research project investigates how EdTech innovations can be enhanced through participatory design partnerships between research specialists and EdTech start-ups.

The project is funded by EduGrowth in partnership with Global Victoria (https://edugrowth.org.au/edtech-innovation-alliance-program/).

The research project is a collaboration between Monash University Faculty of Education, Digital Education Research (DER) team and Deakin University, Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE).

The project is led by:
- Professor Margaret Bearman, CRADLE, Deakin University
- Professor Michael Henderson, DER, Monash University
- Professor Phillip Dawson, CRADLE, Deakin University

Small to medium size educational technology companies (SMETCs) are challenged by the need to be responsive to diverse education stakeholders, which includes engaging in meaningful discussions and providing compelling evidence to support the design and application of their products and services. This project seeks to answer the research question: in what ways can SMETCs develop more useful products and services through participatory design and critical approaches to data collection and analysis? A secondary question is: what tensions and opportunities exist in partnering research specialists with edtech start-ups? An expected outcome will be the development of an innovative framework for researcher-educator-SMETC collaborations.
Effective start/end date7/12/2130/09/22