Ecology of seabirds on Phillip Island off Norfolk Island

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PhD student Luke Halpin is working on a number of Pterodroma (petrel) species on Phillip Island off Norfolk Island. Species include the Kermadec Petrel, Black-winged Petrel and White-necked Petrel. A collaborator has offered a cash contribution to his field costs as outlined in the following email. "Am writing to confirm that I am able to provide $2750 (exclusive of GST) as a contribution to fieldwork activities of PhD student Luke Halpin who is gathering data on seabirds including the Kermadec Petrel on Phillip Island off Norfolk Island. The funds are to cover the costs of travel, island access and the logistics of fieldwork and are provided on the expectation that this contribution will not be subject to University overheads. The invoice from the University would need to stipulate that they are seeking ‘grant’ funding from OEH to fit into our funding requirements rather than contract payments or other. "
Effective start/end date4/01/194/01/20