Early childhood mathematics resources for families - card deck and Information booklet

    Project: Consultancy

    Project Details

    Project Description

    The Department of Education and Training (DET) is seeking the services of mathematics expert/s to provide guidance and specialist content knowledge of mathematics in early childhood for the development of:

    - 100 hard copy playing cards for families to reinforce/extend video learning around key concepts in Maths Everyday animations (including counting, shapes, and sizes). The cards will be multi-purpose with instructions for matching, comparing, sorting, memory and pattern games.

    - lnstructions and guidance information for families for playing the games. The card set and information for families booklet will:

    • provide a range of high-quality captivating experiences that children and their families can participate in together
    • motivate children and their families to celebrate learning mathematics
    • enhance the learning and teaching of mathematics aligned to the Victorian Early Years learning and Development Framework and the Victorian Curriculum.

    How we work together
    DET will facilitate a meeting with mathematics expert and Carolyn McCabe (DEn to brief mathematics expert as to requirements.

    Early childhood mathematics expert will supply content in word documents to Kate Parker and Carolyn McCabe (DET).

    Early childhood mathematics expert will make editing revisions to content as suggested by DET.
    Effective start/end date25/03/1913/06/19