Development of Numeracy Across the Curriculum Resources - Phase 3

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Project Description

The aim of this research project is to highlight what numeracy is with respect to each learning area and to outline why it is important to develop students’ numeracy capabilities within the learning area.

We will employ the methodology used in Phases 1 and 2. Initially, we will examine the research literature for past research in relation to numeracy across the curriculum, and in particular to the learning areas of: Civics and Citizenship, Dance, Digital Technologies, Drama, Economics and Business, Media Arts, Music, and Visual Communication Design. We will scrutinise the available evidence to find strategies that are applicable to the given learning areas. Our goal is to investigate how numeracy learning is developed in each learning area. The results from this review will lead to the development of a general overview of numeracy in each learning area. The primary purpose of this component of the project is to provide teachers with a comprehensive background for understanding current knowledge of numeracy in their learning area, and to highlight the significance of how numeracy can be used to improve student learning outcomes. Our writing of this component will thus be guided by quality research findings. Secondly, we will utilise a co-design approach to develop the examples of activities (see Kelly, et al., 2008). Through co-design, the project team will review the research bases to develop two activities for each learning area.
Effective start/end date31/05/21 → 30/11/21