Development of a Multi-Tiered Systems Of Support Framework For Supporting The Learning, Behaviour, and Wellbeing of Students Attending Specialised Learning Programs in Western Australia.

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DET WA has invited Monash University to co-develop the MTSS Framework for guiding the provision of educational and behaviour support practices and programs for students with autism and related conditions participating in specialised learning programs (SLPs) in Western Australia.

The objectives for the Monash program are to partner with the School of Special Educational Needs: Disability, Statewide Services, Western Australia Department of Education to co-design an MTSS framework that meets the needs identified and prioritised for students, educators, and school leaders, namely:

- To enhance the current knowledge and expertise of educators and school leaders in the administration of a broader range of high-impact, evidence-based pedagogical and wellbeing practices to support all students who attend SLPs
- To develop staff expertise in multi-tiered models of special education, applied behaviour analysis, positive behaviour support, and student and family collaboration and engagement, focusing on students who have special education needs
- To integrate the current knowledge and skills of educators and school leaders within SLPs with a person-centred, relationship-focused and strengths-based approach to supporting the inclusion, engagement, and wellbeing of students with disabilities
- To encourage a more rigorous approach and emphasis on measuring academic, behavioural and wellbeing outcomes for students and educators, using appropriate tools to track improvement and framework sustainability
Effective start/end date20/06/2330/06/23