Determination Of Criteria For Siting Mobile Phone And Seat Belt Enforcement Cameras In Victoria

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The Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety has announced the intention to deploy mobile safety cameras to enforce mobile phone and seat belt use offences in Victoria. These cameras are capable of detecting mobile phone and seatbelt use offences on Victorian roads via cameras that face down through the windscreen of the car to provide a view of the vehicle front seat occupants. Due to the orientation of the camera, it is understood that the cameras are generally only suitable for enforcing in light vehicles where the vehicle is low enough for the camera to observe the driver. It is understood that the cameras will be deployed in both urban and regional areas.

Mobile cameras are located on trailers at the roadside with an arm reaching over the traffic lanes to position the camera appropriately for vision down into the vehicle. As such, the cameras are somewhat overt in nature and are hence likely to have at least some component of effects localised at both the sites of operation as well as the times at which the cameras are present. Mobile phone and speed enforcement mobile safety cameras have been deployed already in both New South Wales and Queensland. In these jurisdictions, camera sites are generally scheduled for operation randomly across a number of sites chosen based on crash history relevant to the behaviours being enforced as well as through recommendation by both police and the community. Randomising deployment schedule aims to, as far as possible, result in more general deterrence through the perception of deployment anywhere, anytime by the public. Cameras are generally deployed for a site to enforce for a number of days before being relocated.

Although the Victorian Government has announced the intention to deploy mobile safety camera enforcement of mobile phone and seatbelt use, the operational deployment of the cameras has yet to be determined in terms of the locations the cameras will be deployed as well as the scheduling of deployment.

MUARC will undertake an analysis to determine the locations and scheduling of camera enforcement to maximise the road safety benefits of the cameras based on current knowledge.
Effective start/end date6/06/2231/10/22


  • Department of Justice and Community Safety (Victoria): A$74,600.00


  • road safety
  • evaluation
  • statistical analysis
  • camera enforcement
  • mobile phone detection
  • seatbelt use