Decibel commissions 7 new music compositions from visual and experimental artists

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Decibel will commission 6 Australian visual artists to create graphic scores (ie. visual notations for music) for the concert program. The works will include sculpture, film, text and painting and will be presented at the Packenham Street Art Space on the 7th of October, engage the entire warehouse like gallery space during the concert, and will be followed by a 2 week exhibition period at the space. The artists commissioned include Kevin Robertson (oil painting - WA), Matt Hunt (painting -UK/WA), Rebecca Baumann (sculptural - WA), Olga Cironis (sculptural - WA), Erin Coates (video, visual - WA), Lucas Abela (sculptural, play - NSW) and Tina Havelock Stevens (video -NSW). The program will also include an extant work by Marco Fusinato (drawing - VIC). The group premiered a new graphic score by German composer Johannes S Sistermanns there last year to acclaim and large audience numbers (see support material).
Short titleDecibel
Effective start/end date29/08/1630/11/17