Culturally Responsive Collaborative Care: An Innovative, Multi-disciplinary and Multicultural Learning Experience

  • Aziz, Zahra (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Camuccio, Carlo Alberto (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Arulkadacham, Lilani (Associate Investigator (AI))
  • Danielis, Matteo (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Mujumdar, Swati (Associate Investigator (AI))
  • Thanzami, Vanlal (Associate Investigator (AI))
  • Ahuja, Yogita (Associate Investigator (AI))
  • Richards, Karen (Associate Investigator (AI))
  • Zanotti, Renzo (Associate Investigator (AI))

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Health professionals are expected to provide quality care to increasingly diverse social and cultural groups. However, to provide culturally appropriate and safe healthcare to varied populations, it is important that health professionals' training incorporates important global citizenship attributes such as cultural responsiveness, effective teamwork and collaboration skills. Research shows that when healthcare is culturally responsive and provided by a team of healthcare professionals in collaboration with each other, it significantly improves patients' health outcomes. Additionally, healthcare workers around the world face disproportionate stress and burnout. We have seen this intensify during global public health emergencies. As a result more and more healthcare workers are resigning from their respective professions. We are now facing a global healthcare worker shortage, which has left far too many healthcare systems understaffed and under-resourced. Applying a global approach to promote, protect, and care for the mental health of healthcare workers is needed now more than ever.
A Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) program is proposed for Public Health and Psychology courses at Monash University (Australia and Malaysia) and Nursing course at University of Padova (Italy). The purpose of this pilot project is to bring together future Public Health professionals, Psychology practitioners and Nurses from Australia, Malaysia and Italy with the aim of equipping them with the necessary skills required to appreciate cultural diversity, enhance cultural responsiveness, and practice effective shared care, through global learning. An additional goal of this project is to break down the stigma that may prevent future healthcare professionals from seeking mental health support and equipping them with the tools to manage their own mental health and wellbeing. This COIL project has the opportunity to enhance healthcare students' perspectives on cultural responsiveness, wellbeing and self-care practices and increase collaborative care in a global classroom.
Short titleCulturally Responsive Collaborative Care using Collaborative Online International Learning Approach
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/23