Cossacks in Jamaica, Ukraine at the Antipodes (Shevchenko Scientific Society)

  • Achilli, Alessandro (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Yesypenko, Dmytro (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Yekelchyk, Serhy (Chief Investigator (CI))

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Project Description

The project “Cossacks in Jamaica – Ukraine at the Antipodes” is meant to provide an international platform for Ukrainian studies, putting in practice the methodological framework of Postcolonial Studies that has been one of the main objects of research at Monash Ukrainian Studies for almost three decades. More than forty authors from Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, US, Canada, Italy, Norway, Poland, Austria and Switzerland will join their efforts in giving answers to the question about the relevance of the postcolonial model for a better understanding of the cultural dynamics of both contemporary and 19th -century Ukraine, providing new cultural and historical interpretations of Ukraine’s place between the West and the East. The project will openly recognize the importance of Monash’s contribution for the renewal and methodological innovation of international Ukrainian Studies after the collapse of the Soviet Union, showing the scholarly centrality of Monash’s Ukrainian Studies as a leading institution in the field in spite of its geographical position at the antipodes of Ukraine. The project will result in the publication of a collection of research essays, edited by Alessandro Achilli (Monash), Dmytro Yesypenko (Kyiv-Monash) and Serhy Yekelchyk (University of Victoria, Canada, former Monash fellow), which will testify to Monash’s impact on Ukrainian Studies worldwide and will furtherly promote the global conversation on themes currently researched at Monash, fostering new opportunities for quality international research projects in the years ahead.
Effective start/end date20/08/171/12/19