Conference on “Safeguarding Democracy: Multifaceted Responses to Election Disinformation”

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The Social and Political Science Conference is an annual event organized by the Department of Politics and Social Change, Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to discuss contemporary social and political issues and contribute to high-quality policy-making.

KISIP 2024, with the theme "Safeguarding Democracy: Multifaceted Responses to Election Disinformation," will serve as a platform for government, academics, think tanks, civil society organizations, and the public to discuss research findings related to information disruptions, both from academic and policy perspectives. The conference aims to share interdisciplinary knowledge about information disruptions and their impact on elections, identify best practices to address information disruptions, and develop collaborative initiatives with academic institutions.

Outputs: During the Call for Papers process and throughout the implementation of KISIP 2024, CSIS requires the contribution of Monash University Indonesia as a partner university to act as paper reviewers and assist CSIS in organizing the third panel titled "Role of Media, Journalism, and Information Literacy in the Disinformation Era."

Scope of Work: Monash University Indonesia, as a partner university in KISIP 2024, will undertake the following responsibilities:
Form a review team consisting of 2-3 individuals, as decided by CSIS, to review abstracts and full papers submitted through the Call for Papers (CFP) held by KISIP 2024.

Select and determine a minimum of 2 (two) up to a maximum of 4 (four) participants from the CFP to present their paper outcomes in the "Role of Media, Journalism, and Information Literacy in the Disinformation Era" panel at KISIP 2024.

Identify and appoint 1 (one) candidate, either from within or outside the institution, with expertise in communication, journalism, or media, to be an author, speaker, and presenter in the panel above.

Designate 1 (one) candidate from within the institution who can act as a moderator for the "Role of Media, Journalism, and Information Literacy in the Disinformation Era" panel at KISIP 2024.

Adhere to the paper writing guidelines provided by CSIS and conduct reviews of participant papers.

Communicate with CSIS regarding any other matters related to implementing the CFP and/or KISIP 2024 not mentioned in the Confirmation of Involvement Letter.
Timeline: The KISIP 2024 series will commence with the Call for Papers opening in August 2023 and conclude with the conference in January 2024. Accordingly, this Confirmation of Involvement Letter will be valid for 5 (five) months, from August 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024.

Budget: Considering the scope of work of the partner university, CSIS will provide a lump-sum honorarium of IDR 50,000,000 (fifty million Indonesian Rupiahs). The management of this budget is entirely entrusted to the partner university. Expenses related to organizing the Call for Papers and the event, including venue, accommodation, transportation, meals, publications, and IT facilities, will be covered by CSIS.

The total amount will be paid in Indonesian Rupiahs according to the prevailing exchange rate on the payment date, with taxes deducted as per Indonesian taxation regulations. The funds will be transferred in two stages to the bank account designated by the partner university representative: 50% upon completion of the full paper review and 50% after the conclusion of the event.

Effective start/end date16/09/2330/06/24