Commission "Is this How You Feel?" - Milliken, van Reyk, Barbeler, Blinkhorn

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‘Is This How You Feel?’ is a project based around a collection of hand- written letters by science researchers from all over the world highlighting how climate change makes them feel. This project adds ‘Musical Letters” commissioned from 4 leading Australian composers. This is combined into a performance and online outcome by leading musicians: Anna McMichael (violin), Louise Devenish (percussion), with electronics and in collaboration with composers and the organisor of the ‘Is This How You Feel’ letters exhibition.

Letters from the original ‘Is This How You Feel? exhibition have been displayed as part of National Science Week, Melbourne Writers Festival and in Hong Kong. One of the letters in the exhibition is by McMichael’s late father hence her involvement in the project and idea to commission composers to write ‘musical letters’ and expand the exhibition into a performance integrating science and music.
The letters and website have gained wide attention on popular blogs, social media and their own interactive website. Visitors to the musical performance/online outcome will be given the chance to write and upload their own letter in real time to the dedicated Twitter and website platform.
Commissioning recognised composers affirms that the response to this issue is one felt across the Arts and Science community. Existing letters may be integrated into the composition and into the visual aspects of the performance and online videos.
Effective start/end date26/07/2030/04/21