Collaborative Robotic Systems and Work Health and Safety

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Project Description

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This project aims to identify and analyse the physical and psychological health and safety issues involved in the design and implementation of collaborative robot systems, as well as ways of managing the WHS in Victorian organisations.

The potential contribution of this project is to reduce the physical risks and psychological stress and also promote a safe and healthy work culture for Australian organisations to capture the benefits of the digital economy and enhance their competitive advantage.

Project Objectives:
1. Identify the potential WHS risks associated with the use of collaborative robotic systems, and understand how they may influence workers’ physical and psychological health and safety in organisations.

2. Understand the role and responsibilities of workers and employers to support the introduction and ongoing use of collaborative robots.

3. Develop a WHS framework and guiding principles to design and implement a safe and reliable collaborative robotic system for organisations to use.
Effective start/end date1/06/22 → 31/05/23


  • Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA) (trading as WorkSafe Victoria): A$91,019.00