CharacterisationVL: Trusted Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy Across Australia

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The Lattice Light-Sheet (LLS) microscope is a major advance in optical fluorescence microscopy and is anticipated to be widely adopted across life sciences-focused research intensive Universities in Australia. The technique introduces significant informatics challenges: it produces data volumes that are an order of magnitude bigger than traditional microscopy data sets; and the processing pipelines for LLS data are not well matured and are being implemented by research groups in an ad hoc fashion. To date, there has been very little published in terms of quantitative analysis for LLS microscopy data. Establishing a consistent workflow for preprocessing and converting raw LLS data into a well-defined and open format will greatly aid in developing tools and libraries for analysing LLS microscopy data, and will significantly increase the quality and trustworthiness of data produced by Australian LLS microscopes. Furthermore, making the data available on high-performance scalable infrastructure such as the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory and Nectar will enhance the ability of researchers to analyse, share, and reuse it. The project will investigate and implement a strategy to make LLS data and the LLS data generation and processing pipelines used more trustworthy and understandable by the researcher community.
Short titleCVL - Lattice
Effective start/end date12/09/1630/06/18