CharacterisationVL: Neutron Scattering and Operations

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The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory is part of a coordinated program to underpin imaging users and imaging facilities. This program is implemented through a number of activities:
● Integrating Australian instruments with national-scale data management infrastructure and projects;
● Developing rich environments in the cloud and on HPC platforms;
● Improving software so that researcher access is simple and seamless; and
● Developing instrument data workflows for accelerated discovery and trusted data.
The goal of this effort is to allow instrument facilities the ability to tell their users: “Your data is now being ingested by a nationally connected data management system and from there you can easily access it in an online collaborative environment that has many of the tools and services that you need to gain insight”.
This coordinated proposal to NeCTAR and ANDS is to:
● Integrate BILBY , a small-angle neutron scattering instrument with Store.ANSTO (ANSTO’s MyTardis deployment) and develop a prototype Neutron Scattering workbench in the CVL for the analysis of data from this instrument.
● Continue operations of the Characterisation Virtual Environment on the NeCTAR research cloud, the outputs of which has now been used by over 600 Australian researchers;
Effective start/end date1/11/1630/06/17