Cartonnage Regionalism in the Ateliers of the Fayum Territory

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CRAFT aims to investigate Graeco-Roman funerary cartonnage from the Fayum Oasis, Egypt. The project raises and addresses new questions about the manufacturing of Ancient Egyptian cartonnage artefacts (mummy masks, foot-cases, full body covers) with an innovative approach that focuses on the multi-disciplinary study of such objects, never analysed in depth before. Through an Egyptological approach combined with enhanced, non-invasive archaeometric investigations, as well as with high-resolution 3D reconstructions of artefacts preserved in international museums, CRAFT will generate an unparalleled understanding of Graeco-Roman cartonnage artefacts and the socio-cultural milieu within which they were manufactured. Expected outcomes include advanced research collaborations, addressing questions of cultural heritage preservation,
determining provenance, influences, regional features, and religious significance of a so far uninvestigated category of funerary objects.
Effective start/end date1/09/221/09/25


  • cartonnage
  • archaeometry
  • ancient Egypt
  • cultural heritage preservation
  • museum collections
  • mummy masks
  • archaeological science
  • egyptology
  • digital archaeology
  • regionalism
  • local variations
  • Fayum Oasis
  • Graeco-Roman period
  • global fellowship
  • funerary belief
  • 3D modelling