Can Progesterone on the day of hCG trigger be a biomarker in the decision for fresh or frozen embryo transfer?

  • Mol, Ben (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))

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Progesterone is a predictor of outcomes during fresh IVF cycles with higher progesterone levels at trigger being associated with lower implantation and ongoing pregnancy rates in fresh embryo transfer (ET) cycles5-7. This has been shown to be mediated through a direct negative effect on endometrial receptivity and, for that reason, using a freeze-only strategy has been suggested as the preferred strategy in such cases. However, what remains an elusive concept is whether a cut-off exists where employing a freeze-all strategy clearly leads to improved outcomes.
We plan a formal analysis with BIG data from the clinics in Asia and Viet Nam mentioned above as well as from other clinics, for a total of at least 100,000 cycles.

We will evaluate the potential of progesterone for treatment selection and will develop a logistic regression model to predict live birth rate and marker-by-treatment interaction
Effective start/end date10/12/1931/12/20


  • progesterone
  • biomarker
  • embryo transfer
  • fresh embryo
  • frozen embryo