Camera Detected Offence Program (CDOP) – Evaluation for 2018 and 2019, Updating SCRAM

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The CDOP is jointly managed by TMR and the QPS and covers management and operation of all modes of camera based traffic enforcement in Queensland. The CDOP currently manages the
following types of camera detection devices across Queensland:
 Red light cameras
 Combined red light/speed cameras
 Mobile speed cameras
 Fixed speed cameras
 Road safety trailer cameras, and
 Point to point speed camera systems.

To assist in the ongoing management and future development of program operations, evaluations of the program have been regularly conducted. Earlier in 2020, an evaluation of the CDOP was
completed to measure the ongoing impacts of the CDOP on crash frequency, severity and social costs to the community of Queensland.

The evaluation framework was updated for the mobile speed camera component to allow more robust estimates of associated crash effects and directly link operational levels of the mobile speed camera program with specific camera types.

This research will see the evaluation framework applied to data from January 2018 to December 2019, inclusive. The latest evaluation of the CDOP was completed using data for 2017.
Short titleCDOP 18-19
Effective start/end date25/09/2031/12/20


  • Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland): A$81,482.73


  • camera detection
  • camera effectiveness
  • traffic enforcement
  • government policy
  • camera evaluation
  • road safety
  • police enforcement
  • Camera Detected Offence Program
  • CDOP
  • Speed Camera Resource Allocation Model