Building Workforce Capacity in Positive Behaviour Support: Evaluation of a Workshop-based Model

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The objectives for the Monash program are to partner with the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, and deliver training that meets the needs identified and prioritised for staff, namely:
To enhance the current knowledge and expertise of the workforce in the administration of a broader range of best practice evidence-based assessment tools, including refining practitioner's skill in selecting the most appropriate assessment tool for the task.
To encourage a more rigorous approach and emphasis on measuring quality of life using appropriate tools to track improvement.
To develop wider use of evaluation tools, focused on measuring interventions, practice outcomes and the measurement of behaviour change of clients.
To support a more robust approach to implementation of a BSP and associated strategies.
A workshop-based model of training may be a potentially effective and scalable way to build the capacity of Australian behaviour support practitioners to deliver Positive Behaviour Support at a more proficient level. However, the perceived value and impact of a workshop-based training model requires further evaluation.
We anticipate that the findings of this research will provide practical information to guide future efforts of organisations that provide behaviour support to build the capability of behaviour support practitioners, and to address an urgent need in the market for a highly skilled disability workforce.

Effective start/end date2/09/2131/03/22