Building the Australian response to the 'superbugs' crisis

  • Davis, Mark (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Whittaker, Andrea (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Lindgren, Mia (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Djerf-Pierre, Monika, (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Flowers, Paul (Partner Investigator (PI))

Project: Research

Project Description

This project aims to investigate the Australian public's engagement with communications and media on antimicrobial resistance, examine their trust in expert knowledge and study the enactment of advice regarding antimicrobial drugs in everyday life. The resistance of common infections to antibiotics and other drugs (the superbugs crisis) is jeopardising health worldwide, including in Australia. The superbugs crisis means that individuals and care givers need to use drugs as prescribed and reduce their expectations for drug treatments. It is anticipated that the research findings will help to underpin Australia's public health policy and communications response to superbugs, improving national and international health outcomes.
Effective start/end date30/06/1730/05/20


  • Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD391,000.00
  • Monash University – Internal University Contribution: AUD19,413.00
  • Goteborgs Universitet (University of Gothenburg)
  • Glasgow Caledonian University