Building Community Water Literacy Stage 2 (Pilot:VIC)

  • Furmage, Ben (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Richardson, Lucy (Chief Investigator (CI))

Project: Research

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Project Description

This project is a continuation of an earlier project (PURE ID 446026865). Whilst the earlier project conducts a pilot study in WA, stage 2 will focus on VIC.
It is recognised that residents of Perth and Greater Melbourne have moderate levels of general water literacy. This is believed to be insufficient for effective engagement in water policy discussions to achieve healthy, liveable, and affordable communities into the future.
This project (and the earlier project) will test interventions for improving basic water literacy among key water literacy segments of the community in Perth and Melbourne. Targeted messaging will he delivered through a range of channels using a suite of communication assets specific to each city. The interventions are designed to he suitable for implementation by water management organisations such as water utility providers and local governments. The pilots will test the practicality and effectiveness of these interventions, produce communication assets that can be reused and/or replicated for other locations, and provide a refined suite of principles for awareness-raising and building water literacy.
Short titleWaterLit VIC
Effective start/end date13/11/2330/06/24


  • SDG 6