Building Babies Brains (Bfor3) and Literacy Acquisition for Pre-Primary Students (LAPS) 2020 Project

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    Waardi Limited is developing an intervention program Building Babies Brains (Bfor3) aimed to improve the parenting for children aged 0-3, to address the developmental vulnerability of Kimberley children. This work as Applied Research is an original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge specific to the effectiveness of Waardi’s Indigenous parenting program. The LAPS program targets teachers and teaching support staff, including Aboriginal Educational Assistants, in order to strengthen classroom practice to support young Indigenous learners to reach national, state and school-based curriculum targets and goals. Waardi Limited has engaged Janet Scull to contribute to the ongoing evaluation and design of the teacher professional learning program and classroom teaching approaches to maintain high quality program implementation.
    Effective start/end date30/07/2030/07/21


    • Waardi Limited: A$13,884.00