Building and Testing Mainstream Employment Pathways for People with Neurological Disability

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The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Monash
University School of Primary and Allied Healthcare
(SPAHC) are collaborating to drive innovation in the
employment of people with acquired neurological
disability – including acquired brain injury (ABI) and
spinal cord injury (SCI) – who experience resulting
high support needs.
There are three proposed project activities:
1. A scoping project, using industry partnerships to
investigate both enablers and barriers to employment of
people with neurological disability in three
industries: social injury insurance settings; targeted
large-size business/es; and Universities;
2. Employing people with ABI or SCI within a co-design
approach to evaluate existing employment initiatives
that people with neurological disability may access
(but which have not previously been tested with this
cohort), including traineeships, online education, and
3. Action research collaborating with people with
neurological disability, who are:
a) early post injury and aiming to return to work;
b) long-term unemployed jobseekers; or
c) have some employment, but for whom a job is in
jeopardy; analysing new and innovative employment
support service approaches and facilitators of
sustainable employment pathways.
The aims of this project are to:
• Identify barriers and enablers to increase
sustainable and meaningful employment of people with
neurological disability
• Investigate effective employment approaches for this
• Explore and document potential new employment
opportunities within the three identified industries,

with the aim increase the representation of people with
disability who have high support needs within
mainstream employment settings.
This project has been designed to build sustainable
employment pathways that others in the disability
sector, or who are living with disability, can learn
from, replicate and scale. Using Monash University’s
research expertise, iterative, independent evaluation
of pilot work will be undertaken. Evidence of project
impact on key aspirations of Victoria’s State
Disability Plan and the TAC’s new Disability Action
Plan will also be gathered.
Short titleMainstream Employment for People with ABI
Effective start/end date19/11/1818/11/19