BTR: Research Services Agreement (RSA) June 2019

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Dr Kochan works for BTR on methodological development and testing for a new approach to antibiotic sensitivity testing using spectroscopy, consults on the sepsis diagnostic pre-clinical trial currently on-going at the Alfred Hospital, and works on the development of pathogen identification from blood culture samples coming from Monash Health.

Most of Dr Kochan’s BTR work is involved with development and testing of the spectroscopic antibiotic sensitivity test (AST). The approach measures the response to a drug (or its lack) of a bacterium (or fungi), rather than just the chemical composition of a bacterium. The “diagnostic approach” includes incubation of bacteria with and without the drug, followed by collection of samples and exposure to low-to-moderate external stress factor and subsequent spectroscopic measurements. The goal of the research project is to obtain a method in which the recorded spectra are loaded to software and a result or prediction of resistant or susceptible is automatically given. Development of this method has included the building robust and reliable predictive models including but not limited to SVM-C and ANN models.

Dr Kochan spends the remainder of her time (0.5 FTE) working on non-BTR projects including, but not limited to, nano-IR spectroscopy on cells and tissues, Raman spectroscopy of single living cells, and spectroscopic imaging of brain tissue.
Short titleBTR-RSA
Effective start/end date1/07/1931/12/19