Brook Andrew Künstlerhaus Bethanien Residency, Berlin

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The aim of this project is to advance my research about the representation of Australian Indigenous loss by learning from German memorials relating to genocide and fascism. This project is motivated by the lack of memorials to the frontier wars in Australia where in-numerous first peoples were murdered and in the aftermath - cultural genocide. This work will not compare historical traumas but investigate the methods of display: how have artists, architects, communities and institutions in Germany and surrounding Europe made traumatic histories visible in the public sphere? Particularly, I will compare three mediums used in German memorials: photographic archives, site, and human remains. Utilising the resources of Künstlerhaus Bethanien I will test ideas of how to represent Indigenous loss in contemporary art works and public spaces. This in-depth research will greatly inform my future projects.
Short titleBethanien Residency
Effective start/end date1/07/1715/06/18