Brook Andrew - In Vision of Nuance: Systems of exposure. 2019 Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition

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'In Vision of nuance: Systems of exposure' is an immersive installation within a traditional rice granary. Collaborating with local Chinese carpenters I will create new sculptural cabinets from discarded materials from the ancient Wuzhen water city. This new artwork imagines alternative spatial and bodily interaction with the past and how the past can transform to expose an alternative present. The audience will walk on a large glass platform with neon underneath. The neon will be in local & Wiradjuri dialects that reflects the importance of forgotten languages. Replica Indigenous cultural objects will be displayed on the sculptural cabinets and a sound piece will reverberate the languages below. The political nature of regeneration and replica will be explored in this sacred space.
Short titlen Vision of Nuance
Effective start/end date4/02/1930/06/19