Biomarkers for mild traumatic brain injury- III

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This pilot study aims to determine if the levels of miRNAs circulating in the plasma are altered following mTBI, and how these changes correlate with cognitive testing prospectively. Given the challenges with identification of mTBI and progression to recovery due to the substantial limitations of current commonly used cognitive tests, the addition of plasma-based biomarkers can augment accurate and timely diagnosis of mTBI. In addition, monitoring of plasma biomarkers can assist in return-to-activity decisions. This current research can inform the utility of such biomarkers, with or without adjunct cognitive testing.
Short titleBiomarkers for mTBI
Effective start/end date1/03/2030/06/21


  • Glia Diagnostics Pty Ltd: A$160,000.00


  • Wounds and injuries
  • Head injury
  • brain
  • biomarker
  • micro-RNA