Beyond Blue Early Support Program Review

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    This research project is related to a series of evidence reviews which will be used to support Beyond Blue's ‘Be You’ program. The purpose of the reviews is to provide the underpinning evidence base for five professional learning domains. Specifically the reviews aim to: (1) build understanding about mental health and well being in children and young people (2) assist educators to effectively partner with families to enhance mental health and well being (3) teach social and emotional learning and resilience skills to improve mental health outcomes for children and young people (4) Early identification with appropriate response to those at risk of mental illness and (5) engender a whole-of-community response to critical incidents so to enhance recovery and minimise impact associated with critical incidents.
    The review will answer the following questions:
    1: What programs for educators to improve knowledge about mental health and well being have been effective in improving mental health and well being for children and young people?
    2: The reviewer is asked to also summarise key components across the programs.
    Effective start/end date26/04/199/08/19


    • Sax Institute: A$25,000.00