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    The aim of the project is to complete a pilot study that will examine staff attitudes towards inclusion and generate a measure that will capture evidence to support claims of inclusive practice in the leisure industry (phase 1). This will lead to the development of educational resources focused on improving inclusion within leisure and sporting settings (phase 2). Data from phase 1 will inform future funding applications, including ARC linkage opportunities, to support the development of educational resources (phase 2).

    Phase 1 will specifically aim to:
    1. Establish organisational and individual understanding of inclusion and inclusive practices (Including current approaches, positive practice and challenges).
    2. Identify potential needs to support the development and enhancement of inclusive practice including possibilities for evaluation, education and training with the intention this will contribute to meeting broader policies, provide quality assurance and support social justice agendas, within the organisation (and industry more broadly).
    3. Locate or develop a scale useful for ascertaining understandings of inclusion within the leisure sector.
    Effective start/end date1/03/1830/11/18