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Wellbeing is critical to positive, mentally healthy staff. Equally, educator wellbeing promotes positive classroom climates, high-quality teaching, and impacts student learning. Promoting educator wellbeing is an essential first step in schoolwide wellbeing programs to promote student wellbeing.

In this project, we conceptualise mental health and wellbeing as an enjoyment of life, an ability to cope with stress and sadness, fulfilment of goals and potential, and a sense of connectedness to others. Our approach is based on Bronfenbrenner’s Systems Theory, which means wellbeing needs to be addressed at different ecological points including at individual, leadership and school culture points.

To develop a strategic approach that will support educators to develop and maintain a positive sense of wellbeing, and support schools and early learning services to create mentally healthy workplaces, we will (i) consult with educators to determine educator wellbeing needs through focus groups, (ii) elict the views of content experts through the use of the Delphi methodology, (iii) conduct a systematic and critical search of available online resources , (iv) perform a rapid review of the evidence base in this field and finally (v) analyse existing Be You data.
Effective start/end date22/01/2130/04/21