Assessment of Unutilised Resources from Green Bean and Sweet Corn Production

  • Patti, Antonio (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Nanayakkara, Sepa (Chief Investigator (CI))

Project: Research

Project Details

Project Description

The project will look at the following unutilised streams:
 From sweet corn: husks, stalks, and flesh
 From green beans: stalk and leaf (combined), and out of specification beans.
For each stream the following will be undertaken
Part 1: Review existing volume of material and identify the key volumes and locations of the unutilised stream, Monash working with Mulgowie
Part 2: Desk top literature analyses of existing potential re-use of selected streams
Monash will undertake a desktop analyses of existing industry options and research papers where outcomes could be utilise to develop an alternate use for the targeted waste.
A chemical and physical analyses of the targeted waste stream will be undertaken including cellulose, hemicellulose, protein, lipids and other extractives, lignin and potential fibre content/value of the underutilised streams. These determinations will use standard methods used in the food industries and/or allied industries. Further analyses of key element components will include N, P, K, selected metals content (e.g. Na, Ca, Fe ) and moisture levels.
Short titleMulgowie Project
Effective start/end date17/11/1817/02/19