Applications and limitations of electronic Signatures vis-à-vis handwritten signatures in legal context on absentee ballot applications in the U.S. State of Georgia

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The objectives of this research are as follows:
a. To examine the development of laws and regulations surrounding electronic signatures, specifically focusing on instances where electronic signatures are accepted/rejected in documents related to submission to government agencies.
b. To critically compare handwritten and electronic signatures concerning their propensity to ensure signatories’ compliance with obligations and prevent fraud.
c. To investigate the role of security measures in verifying the authenticity and integrity of various forms of electronic signatures, in particular digital signatures.
d. To deliver a research-based White Paper (presented in the format of 'Expert Opinion’) to the client, which will convey the new findings derived from the research conducted.
Effective start/end date1/10/2331/01/24


  • Schaerr Jaffe LLP : A$32,808.00


  • law
  • handwritten signature
  • electronic signature
  • oath