Analysis Of Young Carers Self-Reports Of Educational Engagement

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Young carers are a group that experience significant hardship and often experience barriers to attending, achieving and participating in education (Moore, 2005). In 2015, the Australian Government implemented the Young Carers Bursary Program to provide financial assistance to young carers in an attempt to improve their engagement in education. These scholarships were designed to be used flexibly: some young carers might choose to purchase educational supplies (i.e. laptops, school uniforms), for educational costs (i.e. school fees, excursions, TAFE registration), more basic household needs (i.e. paying for electricity, internet connection) or other things that they believe might improve their ability to be at school.

In applying for the scholarships, young carers completed an online application form which asked them to quantitatively self-report biographical details; the nature of their–– cared-for relative’s condition and support needs; the nature, extent and length of care; and the impacts on their education (incl absences from school, impacts on ability to study). The online form also allowed young carers to provide an open-ended qualitative narrative on how their caring influences their education and what they would do if they were successful.

This project aims to better understand the factors affecting young carers and their education, drawing from both qualitative and quantitative self responses drawn from online applications.
Short titleYoung carer education bursary
Effective start/end date9/07/1930/08/19


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  • Young Carers
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