Analysis of data from the 2017 Jean Hailes for Women's Health national survey of women

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Jean Hailes for Women’s Health conducts an annual national study designed to help better understand the health information needs and behaviours of women living in Australia. Of the women who completed the survey, 4,628 were aged more than 50 years. This data represents a valuable source of information for the ‘Flesh after Fifty’ project which is lead by Professor Martha Hickey at the University of Melbourne. Dr Karin Hammarberg has access to the data through the partnership between Monash University and Jean Hailes for Women's Health and Professor Hickey has commissioned her to analyse the data relating to women aged more than 50 years. The evidence will be used to guide the 'Flesh after Fifty' and linked projects, including translational activities, to raise awareness about the social, psychological, and physical health needs of women over 50.
Effective start/end date15/05/1815/07/18