An assessment of late night alcohol restrictions in Queensland

  • Miller, Peter (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Coomber, Kerri (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Clough, Alan (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Ferris, Jason (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Chikritzhs, Tanya N. (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Kypri, Kypros (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Lloyd, Belinda (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Livingston, Michael J. (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Najman, Jake M (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Thorn, Michael (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Crane, Meredythe (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • O'Neill, Brian (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Matthews, Sharon (Partner Investigator (PI))

Project: Research

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Project Description

Alcohol-related harm is a major social order issue which requires evidence-based policy. This project capitalises on a unique window of policy adoption within Queensland to investigate the introduction of 2am cease of alcohol service for licensed venues across the entire state, assessing its impact, identifying modifiable elements and developing policy advice. Using the most sophisticated models to date, including outlet density, enforcement, demographic variables and other variables, we build on our team's extensive work to build unique datasets including archival data, foot-traffic counting, key stakeholder and patron interviews to evaluate impact and identify policy lessons for other jurisdictions in Australia and internationally.
Effective start/end date1/07/1630/06/19