AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide: Supporting Pedagogies for Digital Literacies in the Adult EAL Contexts

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    This qualitative research project will generate new knowledge in the fields of digital literacies and TESOL by developing and piloting a much-needed conceptual framework for understanding the pedagogical principles for effective teaching of digital literacies to adult refugee and migrant English language learners.

    The importance of digital literacies for settlement and employment of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds has been widely recognised. However, there is scarce research about the digital needs of this vulnerable group of learners as they settle in Australia. There is a need for a conceptually rigorous and research-informed approach to the teaching of digital literacies within adult EAL contexts.

    Using multiple comparative case study, this research project will: (1) identify new understanding of the critical factors hindering and supporting digital literacies of these learners; (2) use this data to inform the conceptual development of pedagogical principles and pedagogical supports called the AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide (3) test the AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide to further refine the conceptual framework and pedagogical principles.
    Effective start/end date26/05/2130/06/22