AllPlay Dance - Reimagining dance for children with disability

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This project will roll-out and scale Monash University’s AllPlay Dance program to the Australian dance community. AllPlay Dance offers strengths-based, evidence-informed digital resources and in-person training of an inclusive teaching model that enables children with disability to experience and reimagine dance. Our multidisciplinary team has peer-reviewed evidence of the developmental benefits of dance for children with disability, and developed AllPlay Dance to empower children with disability to participate in, and contribute to, community-based dance activities. In this project, we will build the inclusive leadership capability of 16 dance studios across the country by introducing them to the AllPlay Dance program and providing in-person support for implementation within their communities. We will also make free, digital, co-designed AllPlay Dance (i) resources available to children with disability and their families, and (ii) training accessible to dance teachers nation-wide.
Effective start/end date20/05/2430/11/26