Alcohol addiction research in memory of Teaghan

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Your donation will support the work of a research group at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences that is trying to find a cure for alcoholism. The group has recently confirmed that proteins in the brain called the "M4 muscarinic receptor" and "muscarinic M5 receptor" function very differently in people who are dependent upon alcohol when compared to people who aren't. They are now working towards designing medicines that will target the M4 or M5 receptor and manipulate it so that it functions "normally" - like a receptor in the brain of a person who is not dependent upon an addictive substance.
Effective start/end date12/07/2112/07/22


  • Andrew Smith (via GoFundMe): A$17,550.00


  • alcoholism
  • M4 muscarinic receptor
  • M5 muscarinic receptor