ACT Older Driver Mobility Study (ACTOD)

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The proposed older driver naturalistic driving study (NDS) will monitor travel patterns of older drivers (75+), using in-car recording devices (ICRDs), and will report on the usage of alternative transport options. These insights will
inform effective strategies to support continued safe mobility, outlined in the road safety action plan:
• Older drivers’ mobility – Elucidating benefits and limitations of alternative transport options compared with driving routes.
• Exposure to locations with high injury risks – Monitoring driving behaviours throughout infrastructure modifications, and identifying driving exposure risks.
• Cross-border travel – Evaluating interstate driving behaviours for older drivers residing in the ACT (e.g. routing, speeding, trip durations).
Short titleACTOD
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19


  • Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution: A$100,000.00