A transcriptional signature of network hubs in the mouse brain

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Travel grant to attend the 9th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates

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The complex structure of how different regions of the brain interconnect with each other has attracted much attention. One property that is highly conserved across different species and spatial scales is the presence of a small number of highly connected brain regions that act as network ‘hubs’, which play a vital role in integrating the functions of different neural systems. The strong conservation and vital functional role of hub connectivity implies a strong genetic influence. Here, we investigate how hub connectivity in the mouse brain relates to patterns of gene expression. Analyzing the neuronal connectivity of 213 brain regions, we confirm that the mouse brain contains a small number of highly connected hub regions that are positioned to mediate a high volume of signal traffic across the brain network.
Short titleJSPS HOPE Meeting in Japan
Effective start/end date26/02/172/03/17