A randomised, open-label study to characterise the pharmacokinetics of inhaled oxytocin compared with intramuscular oxytocin in women in the third stage of labour.

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An oxytocin injection is the recommended treatment for the prevention of heavy bleeding in women who have just given birth. The pharmaceutical company GSK, in collaboration with Monash University of Australia, is developing a form of oxytocin to take via the Modified Air Inlet ROTAHALERTM dry powder inhaler device (abbreviated inhaled oxytocin) as a needle­free alternative to injections. This has the potential to save the lives of women in poorer countries, where the lack of a reliable electricity supply can prevent oxytocin injections being stored in a refrigerator.
Short titleInhaled oxytocin in women after birth
Effective start/end date15/08/1815/07/23