A Randomised Controlled trial of IVIg compared with pulse methylprednisolone for the treatment of chronic active antibody mediated rejection (VIPAR)

  • Mulley, William (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))

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The purpose of the Grant is to enable subject recruitment at additional sites (Austin Health, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Westmead Hospital and St Charles Gairdner Hospital ) in an established randomised controlled trial currently being conducted at Monash Health. The purpose of the trial is to examine the impact of intravenous immunoglobin (IVIg) in chronic antibody mediated rejection (cAMR) of transplanted kidneys, by randomising patients with cAMR to one or both of the 2 standard treatments (methyl-prednisolone alone or with IVIg).
Short titleDoes intravenous immunoglobulin improve outcomes in chronic rejection of renal transplants?
Effective start/end date11/08/1719/12/22


  • National Blood Authority (NBA) (Australia): A$270,000.00