A knockout approach to identifying genes involved in epidermal development and homeostasis

  • Smyth, Ian (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Bradley, Allan (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Headon, Denis (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Jackson, Ian (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Martin, Paul (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Ramirez-Solis, Ramiro (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Watt, Fiona (Partner Investigator (PI))

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Manipulation of gene function in model organisms remains one of the principal approaches to understanding how proteins function. Through a collaboration with groups in the UK we propose to investigate many hundreds of knockout mice generated by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the UK for defects in the development or maintenance of our largest organ, the skin. This unique approach will allow us to identify proteins which play important roles in skin biology.
Effective start/end date4/01/1031/12/12


  • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$332,500.00