A global view of thermonuclear bursts

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This proposal is to visit DTU Space in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Space Research Organisation of the Netherlands (SRON) for a period of 2 weeks each to work with Dr. Jérôme Chenevez and Dr. Jean in ’t Zand on satellite observations of thermonuclear bursts. Thermonuclear (type I) bursts are powered by nuclear reactions which are difficult to replicate in terrestrial laboratories, and can also reveal information about the environment, interior properties and composition of neutron stars. These areas are both high-priority international research areas. The visit will exploit the soon-to-be completed Multi-INstrument Burst ARchive (MINBAR), the largest sample of bursts ever assembled, to gain deeper understanding of the details of the thermonuclear burning processes. The planned public release of the burst sample will contribute significantly to broader research programs underway internationally.
Effective start/end date29/05/1730/06/17