A best practice supply chain model for exporting Australia's fresh produce to global retailers in Thailand.

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In order to assist the Victoria Government to meet the target of increasing Victorian food export to $12 billion by the year 2010, thi sporject sets out to produce a best practice supply Chain Model for exporting Australia''s fresh produce to global retailers in Thailand. The model will contribute significantly to the improvements of efficiency and effectiveness of Australia?s fresh produce export supply chain and thus the competitiveness and profitability of Australia?s fresh produce export. This will greatly benefit Australia?s regional and rural communities generally and Victoria in particular.

ARC-funding re three-and-a-half year APAI Scholarship commenced at RMIT in early 2003, transferred to Monash at the start of 2006, and finishing around August 2006
Effective start/end date10/04/0331/12/08


  • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$28,176.00
  • Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR) (Victoria): A$29,000.00