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Internment and beyond: the art of Erwin Fabian

Spark, S.


Project: Research

AmgenTRAFFIC: Fractures and bisphosphonates: reviving osteoporosis treatment uptake by identifying the genetic, material, and microstructural risk factors of atypical femur fractures

Ebeling, P., Grill, V., Sztal-Mazer, S., Seeman, E., Yates, C. J., Sinnott, R., Clifton-Bligh, R., Zillikens, M. C., Ng, A., Adams, A. & Thakker, R. V.

Amgen Australia Pty Ltd


Project: Other

TCF: Pulp Meat Pie design - Textured Concept Foods

Norris, A. & Achariya, A.


Project: Consultancy

Teachers' Digital Work - Lärares digitala arbete: Obalans i krav och stöd?

Bergviken Rensfeldt, A., Hillman, T., Peterson, L., Lundin, M. & Selwyn, N.


Project: Research

NAFLD, NASH and Hepatocellular carcinoma: Mechanisms & Potential Treatments

Febbraio, M., Karin, M. & Shackel, N.


Project: Research

Maximising the Profitability of E-waste Recycling Operations

LeMessurier, W., Kuo, Y. & Yeh, C.


Project: Research

Advancing innovative therapies against pandrug-resistant Gram-negative superbugs

Li, J., Zhou, T. Q., Rao, G. G., Kaye, K. S. & Velkov, T.

National Institutes of Health (NIH US)


Project: Other

Data61 CRP - "Optimisation technologies and datasets for energy systems"

Liebman, A., Tack, G., Wallace, M., Le Bodic, P., Dunstall, S., LANGRENÉ, N. & Schutt, A. S.


Project: Research

AustralianSuper - Data Visualisation

Gomes Da Mata, F.


Project: Research

Memo Review - Growth and Consolidation

Butler, R.


Project: Research

Wilson-BrainPark Senior Research Fellow

Yucel, M. & Segrave, R.


Project: Research

MMGPI: Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index 2019

Kapur, D., Pham, N. & Knox, D.


Project: Research

Income inequality and corporate decisions

Xia, Y.


Project: Research

WfW: Toolkit for the gender responsive co-design of WASH facilities

Batagol, B., Sinharoy, S., Clasen, T., Prescott, M. & Spasojevic, D.


Project: Research

Islamic Schooling in Australia and Indonesia: A Collaborative Documentary Film

Brooks, M., Brooks, J., Sanjakdar, F., Taufiq, I. & Mutohar, A.


Project: Research