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Lectureship in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Baker, M.

Ms Naomi Milgrom AO


Project: Research

STROKE 123: A collaborative, national effort to monitor, promote and improve the quality of stroke care in hospitals and patient outcomes

Cadilhac, D., Anderson, C. S., Donnan, G., Levi, C. R., Thrift, A., Middleton, S., Lannin, N. A., Faux, S., Grimley, R. S. & Sundararajan, V.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Aged Care Graduate Nurse Program (GNP)

Cross, W.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

A framework to support advanced nursing in general practice project

Russell, G., Enticott, J., McKenna, L., Halcomb, E., Naccarella, L., Peek, A., Powell Davies, G. & Zwar, N.

Australian General Practice Network Limited


Project: Research

Managing patient deterioration: rural hospital skills

Cooper, S., Buykx, P., Cant, R., Champion, R., Endacott, R., Kinsman, L., McConnell-Henry, T. E., Missen, K., Porter, J. & Scholes, J.

West Gippsland Healthcare Group


Project: Research

Enabling the Rural Academic Practice

Nestel, D., Brown, J., Bryant, M. & Villanueva, E.

General Practice Education and Training


Project: Research

Multilevel evaluation of youth-led well-being programs for young people

Vella-Brodrick, D. & Rickard, N.


Project: Research

Digital Originals

Blythe, M., Williams, R., Li, F., Wright, P. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

Solving the Energy Waste Roadblock

Chaffee, A., Abrahams, B., Batten, S., Cole, M., Doonan, C., Hill, M., Kennedy, D. F., Kentish, S., Kepert, C., Ladewig, B., Peterson, V., Robson, R., Stride, J., Sumby, C., Thornton, A. & Turner, D.

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


Project: Research

Modelling of carbon emissions - Update of Victorian 20 by 20 modelling

Adams, P.


Project: Research

Research on Islam and Human Rights

Steiner, K.


Project: Research

MUARC Merging in Tunnels project

Young, K. & Lenne, M.


Project: Research